Довольнао занимательный фантик, я не решилась пока взяться за его перевод, но вот его анг. версия.
Это картинка была нарисованна к нему:

"Do you know what the price for Betrayal of the Royal Family is, Mr. Zelgadiss?" she hissed. Livid. Never had he dreamed of seeing naieve, idealistic, young Princess Amelia capable of such cold fury. "It's death. Execution. Good thing You're already dead to me, isn't it, Mr. Zelgadiss?"
'Betrayal'..? He could find no base for such accusations. He han't set foot in Seiruune country for half a decade. How could he betray a girl- (woman, he reminded himself shakily, a woman) he hadn't even set eyes on for so long? But he couldn't ask her. Even though some portion of his brain knew that the weapon poised at his throat could do him no harm, it was the fact that SHE was the one aiming at his jugular that turned any words to chunks of stagnant ice. Frozen in his mouth.
His tongue thawed as the bright glinted in the sunlight. "..You... You don't use Swords." He stammered, dumbly. "..A sword.. your mother-"
"A sword." she cut him off. "A sword took my mother. A sword also took my father in the night.. when no one could raise a blade to protect him." her fingers tightened around the hilt, and he could hear the leather creak. "...A sword will not take me." Her eyes unfocased. Somewhere above his head, she stared at somthing that only existed in her mind.
"Your father?!" suprise had added volume to his voice. Enough to bring crulean eyes back down to his.
"Daddy's dead, Mr. Zelgadiss. He died two years ago." Until now, she had been deadpan. But he heard her falter. "The funeral was grand, you know. The whole city turned out, decked in black."
"Miss Lina came. And Mr. Gourry. Miss Syphiel helped me bless his grave and Miss Fillia offered the condolences of the Dragons." With each word, her voice sharpened, drawing higher. "Even Mr. Xellos came, with a message from his master that the assassination was no work of theirs. He had a grand feast, I'm sure!" Now she was nearly hysterical.. but it wasn't until after she'd drawn breath that she started screaming.
"They came! They all came! They heard the news from the mouths of gossips, and they came to me! But WHERE WERE YOU?!" she spat.
"You were the one I wanted. I cried for your cold comfort. I cried for your strength. Messengers dissapeared for weeks in search of you at my command. The news spread beyond the seas, and YOU NEVER CAME." he watched her deflate. angry tears welling, and then slipping down flawless cheeks.
"How dare you come to me now.. when I'd finally begun to forget you?" She asked, her words raw. "They visit me in droves now.. suitors. Princes and Barons. Some ask for my love, and some just for my power. The ones that beg for power I send away without a word. but the ones looking for my love... I tell them to go home. That I have none to give."
The blade drew back, dissapearing into the sheath at her hip. "Swords killed my family, Mr. Zelgadiss. But it took you to kill my heart."
And then she was gone. And he was left to stare at the grass that had been crushed beneath her boot heels.

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2009-06-18 в 20:37 

Так именем твоим грядет рассвет (с)
О-о-о, какая Амелия! *_*

2009-06-20 в 18:19 

Мокона Модоки
そう... 我こそが S.H.I.D.A.
да уж, соглашусь с предыдущим комментарием... но... ё-моё, великолепный фанфик! блин... *ушла вешаться*
p.s. Зел идиот ><

2009-06-20 в 23:11 

*плачет* тронуло... отличная зарисовка!

2009-07-23 в 21:06 

Что, думал в сказку попал?? Неее.. Это ты в жизнь вляпался...
Мдя... Мелька жжет, Зел почти в своем репертуаре...

2009-07-23 в 21:06 

Что, думал в сказку попал?? Неее.. Это ты в жизнь вляпался...
Мдя... Мелька жжет, Зел почти в своем репертуаре...

2011-07-01 в 19:44 

guardian of memories
"Меч убил мою семью, господин Зелгадис. Но чтобы убить моё сердце - нужны вы."



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